An update on our net zero commitment!

In September 2021 we partnered with Tech Net Zero, the climate action group for tech companies committed to fighting the climate crisis. We've been measuring our emissions over the past six months and are pleased to share our initial findings with you!

Behind the scenes at Good Club: Our December update

After a long and restful Christmas period, we're back and ready to update you on our December shenanigans and introduce you to new products!

How we reduce your waste: Our rules on product packaging

We're committed to going 100% zero waste but still offer some packaged products while we get there. Here's a break down on how we choose these products.

Meet Maarten: Good Club's Senior Software Engineer

What does a software engineer do when building the zero waste supermarket of the future? This month we're meeting Maarten, one of Good Club's Senior Software Engineers.

We're going 100% Zero Waste!

We always believed that in order to make a real difference, we had to not only change what we shop, but HOW we shop. Now that we've closed our crowdfunding campaign , we’re making a big commitment.

Behind the scenes at Good Club: Our November update

The year is flying by and we’ve been so busy that we skipped our October update so we can pack in a bumper edition this month! A lot has happened, here are our October and November highlights 👇

Meet Hannah: Good Club's Head of Operations

Here at Good Club we have some amazing people working behind the scenes to bring zero waste groceries to thousands of households across the UK. This month we’re meeting Hannah, Good Club’s Head of Operations and Zero Waste hero!

Reuse will save the world

Single-use grocery packaging is having disastrous impacts on our world, and in more ways than just waste.

Designing a reusable future to reduce CO₂

How Good Club set the foundations of zero waste to reduce CO₂ AND plastic packaging waste

We're crowdfunding!

Own a piece of Good Club by investing as little as £10 in our crowdfund campaign and join us in leading the world of Zero Waste groceries.

Behind the Scenes at Good Club: Our September Update

New products, setting a net zero target date, announcing our crowdfunding campaign - September was a busy one!

Our net zero commitment!

We've partnered with Tech Zero and are committed to measuring all our emissions, including scope 3, and setting a net zero target by the end of 2021.

Meet the Supplier: CRU Kafe

We're dedicated to sourcing the most eco-friendly, sustainable groceries from producers who share our commitment to living well, without it costing the planet. This month we spoke with CRU Kafe, who supply our delicious Zero Waste coffee beans.

Behind the Scenes at Good Club: Our August Update

Aside from watching the Olympics, celebrating national rice pudding day (yes, that’s a thing) and then jumping straight into the Paralympics, we also continued our plastic-fighting work. Here’s a snippet of what we got up to!

Our top picks for Organic September

This month-long campaign by the Soil Association aims to raise awareness of the benefits of organic food and farming. Here are some of our favourite organic focused brands.

How our Zero Waste service is better for the environment

When we started designing our zero waste service, we knew we had to make sure it was truly better for the environment rather than continuing to use single-use packaging. Here we break down how each part contributes to our overall sustainability.

Behind the Scenes at Good Club: Our July Update

During July, we introduced more Zero Waste items, completed some work under the hood and even went canoeing together. We’re working on some very exciting projects that we can’t wait to share but, for now, here are some highlights.

Meet Carly: Good Club's Customer Service Lead

If you've ever been in touch with us about your order, asked about a product or brand or just wanted a chat about what we do, then you've probably spoken with Carly, our Customer Service Lead.

Behind the Scenes at Good Club: Our June Update

Can you believe that June has passed already? Take a look below to see what we’ve achieved over what felt like the fastest month of 2021:

Meet Sarah: Good Club's Junior Supply Chain Manager

Here at Good Club, our mission is to help everyone live sustainably. It’s a mission that requires ambitious, positive and dedicated people - luckily for us, we have those people!

Behind the Scenes at Good Club: Our May Update

We’ve had another busy month here at Good Club! We’ve introduced even more Zero Waste products, held a sustainability workshop and did some fine tuning behind the scenes - read on for more!

Vote on what Zero Waste products you want us to stock next!

Go to at any time to suggest a product we should add to our Zero Waste range and vote on the others that customers have already suggested. Every month, we’ll look to bring in the top voted product to our range

You voted, we listened! Introducing Zero Waste herbs and spices

We're bringing Zero Waste herbs and spices to Good Club today!

Behind the Scenes at Good Club: Our April Update

We can’t quite believe another month has passed this year...before long, it’ll be Christmas?! This month we’ve brought on loads of amazing new Zero Waste products, covering everything from soya mince to poppy seeds

Behind the Scenes at Good Club: Our March Update

March was a huge month for us here at Good Club, with record sales compared to any month in our history! Thank you to everyone who used us in March; whether you’re a new customer or a longtime member, it means so much to have your support

The Good Club Mission

Today we’re excited to be sharing our mission statement with you, our community of customers. A mission statement can often be seen as a superfluous piece of corporate jargon. And often that’s true! But...

Meet Lex: Good Club's Buying Director

What is a buying director? Good question! Here we talk to Lex, our Buying Director, to find out more...

Behind the Scenes at Good Club: Our February Update

While it can feel like every month blends in together as lockdown continues, here at Good Club HQ we’ve been hard at work getting sustainable groceries to your door! We want to start sharing more about what we’re working on and so will be publishing

Our road to zero waste

Zero waste; it's the destination and it's how you get there. It’s been six weeks since our zero waste launch so we reflect on how we started and where we hope to end up.

Is a vegan diet really better for the environment?

We take a look at the environmental impact behind making three easy vegan swaps away from cheese, milk and meat.

How to remove stubborn label glue from glass jars

Four easy steps to remove stubborn labels from jars

3 easy ways to go zero waste in 2021

Want to reduce your waste but not sure where to start? These 3 tips will give you a taste for zero waste.

How to store zero waste food

The Good Club guide to storing zero waste groceries safely

Let’s 2021 as we mean to go on

Sourdough starters, Zoom quizzes, bubbles, ‘R’ rates, and Barnard Castle - not exactly the talking points we expected of 2020.

The Road To Zero Waste: Episode 4 — Now Trialling Reusable Pots!

We hate packaging waste with a passion. In fact, we hate it so much, we thought we’d go and solve it.

The Road to Zero Waste: Episode 3 — Exploring Delivery Solutions

Last month we ran some trials as part of our journey to provide a zero-waste, closed loop service for our customers.

Find and save the products you love

Being able to easily find the products you love on Good Club is a vital part of making shopping easier and quicker for you.

New products to reduce your impact 🌍

Keeping on top of the newest, smartest brands and products that reduce your waste and environmental footprint is quite a task.

What's so good about Good Club?

We provide the best ethical groceries in reusable and low waste packaging.

No single-use plastic

Stock up on 500+ food and household products without any single-use plastic.

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We handpick products that share our values (and taste well nice too).

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Nationwide next-day, carbon-neutral delivery to your doorstep (and back).